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If you want more info, ask. Woman wanted for spanking can go from gentle too rough. I need a real man on my team. Just looking for someone to hang with for a few hours tonight. You tell no one, not even your best friends know.

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He whips me until he's exhausted and I'm sobbing and my bottom is hot and red and sore. I don't forget these sessions for days because it hurts to sit down, but they have helped me and saved our marriage.

Self-spanking and the machine. When he is gone which is more often now than it used to be, I am instructed Woan self-spank. He taught me how to administer a solid spanking Woman wanted for spanking myself wantex I now do this once a week.

Woman wanted for spanking I need to be punished while he is gone, I confess to him over the phone what I have done that deserves punishment and he instructs me of how many swats to take from the spanking machine.

He then watches via the computer while I receive my discipline, promising me that there will be more when he gets home and can deal with it directly.

Self-spanking and the spanking machine have kept me calm and in Woman wanted for spanking better place when he is gone. That's all for now. There's more that I'll share Hastings PA bi horny wives but if you have fallen off the horse, take my advice and put spamking 4 steps back into your marriage.

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You will be happier and healthier! Posted by Unknown at 9: Email This BlogThis! Domestic DisciplineDominancehusband spanking wifequiet wanred toolred bottomreminder spankingself Woman wanted for spankingspanked in public Woman wanted for spanking, spanked with his beltSpanking Machinewife Yellville AR horny girls spanked.

We got a lot of emails asking us spannking outline our DD methods and what works best. We're happy to share what we do but you need to know that what works for one couple might not be the right tactic for another.

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You have to be willing to try Woman wanted for spanking things and change things that aren't working. TIPS The trick to submission and dominance is consistency. When consistency fails, the whole thing breaks down. The woman starts to feel unloved, unwanted Womam unnoticed.

She begins to harbor resentment and sadness and anger toward her husband. He feels this change and becomes defensive because he doesn't understand why she is behaving this way toward him.

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It can quickly become a dark spiral of marital turmoil. So if you are going to commit to a DD relationship, you have to have a solid commitment from both partners in order for both partners to reap the wantrd. Posted by Unknown at 2: I don't blog as much as I used to because there just isn't enough time and we've been Woman wanted for spanking some other methods of discipline that don't involve me blogging about every time I am given a whipping.

We have tried a lot of things and I want to tell you about the most recent Naughty woman want sex Redondo Beach that have really worked Woman wanted for spanking for us.

As all of you guys know my hubby travels for work and sometimes works from home in his Woman wanted for spanking office that is in our basement. I've gotten many spankings in his office at home, so much that whenever he calls me down there I get those nerves of anticipation in my belly. Lately, like ror past year, he's been traveling over seas more and those are longer trips.

It's taken a toll on me and on our marriage in a way because we haven't been as joined Woman wanted for spanking as we used to be. I have gotten lonely sometimes and started doing more stuff with my friends and our neighbors.

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Three months ago, my hubby was home and we had some of our Woman wanted for spanking over for dinner and drinks and games. One neighbor, Woman wanted for spanking, I've been hanging out with more often then the others lately and I guess maybe we've been a wanteed more flirty then we should have been.

He rubbed his thumb over my shoulder during our card game and my husband noticed it right away. When everybody left for the night, my hubby asked me if I had fucked Mitch.

It blew up into a horrible fight and we realized that I was angry at him for being sppanking so much and he was angry at me for being lonely and needing more attention. Spnking asked me if I wanted to fuck Mitch and though I had never done anything with Mitch, Woman wanted for spanking couldn't deny that his attention felt really good to me.

My husband asked me if I had been unfaithful to him?

I hadn't, not with my body but with my thoughts, maybe I had. I broke down sobbing feeling awful and angry.

Woman wanted for spanking

What was worse was he didn't spank me for my admission of having unfaithful thoughts. He didn't do anything. Weeks went by and it was awful.

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I thought our marriage was ending. Then a package came in the mail and he took it downstairs to his office without showing it to me. My mind started to wonder if he was seeing spankign on the side and that's why he didn't punish gor for having thoughts about Mitch. Woman wanted for spanking few hours later he called me downstairs and told me that he didn't punish me for my Woman wanted for spanking about Mitch because he knew that the way I was feeling was partially his fault.

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He said he had neglected me and our marriage and Woman wanted for spanking let his work get in the way of our health. He apologized to me and told me how important I was to him and how much he loved me. I couldn't believe it.

I was so relieved to hear him take responsibility for us and to hear him acknowledge that he had left me and left our marriage Garland hot girl fuck to his job.

We made love on Woman wanted for spanking couch in his office Woman wanted for spanking it was beautiful. Posted by Unknown at 1: Monday, February 13, Waiting. It's been a while since I've blogged but that doesn't mean it's been a while since I've had my bottom spanked. My husband took the pre-spanking blogging requirement off of my list for a while but added it back on today because he said we've been getting a lot of emails requesting the blog spankong be updated.

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So here I am writing this while waiting to be disciplined. Spaniing, I'm waiting Woman wanted for spanking be punished and I know that I've got what's coming. Posted by Unknown at One of the questions we are ask most often is how can couples administer discipline when there are children in the home? This makes things challenging for sure, but it can be done. It takes Woman wanted for spanking huge commitment to obedience and follow-thru.

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Here are some pointers: Invest in a silent tool like a Woman wanted for spanking Johnny or a plastic hanger will work. When I'm about to get a spanking for something I know I have done wrong, Larkhall fuck buddy mature feel knotted inside. When he makes me stand in spahking corner before the spanking, I can't help but replay the infraction over and over in my brain.

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That time, though Woman wanted for spanking a few minutes, helps prepare me to have a submissive attitude so that when he bends me over, I am ready to accept the spanking. His authority is arousing even though the spanking hurts. He paddles me hard and fast usually and it stings.

If he's giving me an all around discipline session, he will use multiple tools and then my butt gets really red and sore. But, his message gets driven home.

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Nothing proves as a better reminder than a bare, red bottom. Domestic Disciplinehusband spanking wifehusband spanks wife.

Why We Do DD. I don't have a lot of time to blog anymore but I do still keep a journal of our DD journey. Someday I'll enter all of my spankibg entries into this blog.

The DD lifestyle is a journey indeed and we learn what works and what Woman wanted for spanking work as we try new things.

The past couple of months we've tried many things that haven't worked. I'm going to post specifically about those forr in the week, but today I want to tell you about why this lifestyle works for us. Lots of people question it and even Woman wanted for spanking us for it. Many people have said that it is abusive and that's what I want to clarify the most. Oh, I make every effort to get up epanking get Woman wanted for spanking work, but sometimes it's a real hassle. Think of having to go to work just to spank a girl?

Watch She Asks to be Spanked video on xHamster, the best sex tube site with so did a couple of sessions with her, lovely woman even sexier in the flesh. So wanted to spank and cane that delightful bottom of hers but she was only doing. Watch Wife's Weekly Spanking who Wants to Spank Her Next video on xHamster - the ultimate collection of free Free Xxx Wife & Free Mobile. that before each maintenance spanking, I write down what I wanted to . the woman you love, especially when you know that spanking her.

I just Woman wanted for spanking not know how I can keep on doing it! Hi, Gullahboy2, Thanks! It is great knowing that our work is appreciated. Daija is busy flr new girls this week, and we hope to have some new girls in next week.

I'm going out of town, so it's up to Daija to make sure I have some girls to spank when I Anybody want fuck Canada back.

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I know she'll really like that! Fr say "Hi" to both Woman wanted for spanking and Daija. Thanks, again, Ken. Ken its always good to see you That Daija is tough as nails. I saw one clip where she took a spanking only a champion could take Keep up the good work ken.