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Why cant i find a friend in sebring

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Sometimes things in life can happen that cause us to wander from our relationship with the Lord. These things can be either subtle or abrupt, they may come acnt failed expectations, sinful desires that lure us away or from just being too busy or distracted or some combination of these things. The resulting effect is that we lose that close fellowship with the Lord we once enjoyed.

We can go through the motions of fine to church, reading the bible, praying or o or doing ministry but if we are honest with ourselves it all seems hollow and our sense of emptiness will eventually begin to gnaw at us. If we take action right away within short order we will be back in fellowship with the Lord and he fills our empty, gnawing hearts, but if we delay, ignore, resist or allow guilty Why cant i find a friend in sebring to keep us from the light then our drifting will continue.

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Drifting for the Christian is not a good place to be in for a variety o reasons. First our fulfillment is to be found in the Lord and anything less will not do.

Second by drifting we make ourselves a target for the devil, our flesh and the influence of the world.

If we end up in the clutches sebrig these things returning can be done but it will be harder. Although falling away into apostasy takes a lot of doing, it can be done.

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The bible says the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom and the fear of losing our salvation should motivate us to return to the Lord. For those that may believe in once saved always saved let me ask you ib in your other relationships you have, can you just do whatever you want?

Can you just continually ignore your spouse, despite their pleading and best efforts to get you back without any consequence to you? Of course not! If that is the case with human relationships how can we say it is any different with the Lord? On the other hand the Lord does not wish to fknd any Why cant i find a friend in sebring are his. Of course no one can take us out of his hand but we xebring choose to leave his hand.

Why cant i find a friend in sebring

The bible in many places compares people cany sheep. One of the characteristics of sheep is that they can wander at times from both the shepherd and the flock and this always puts them in danger from predators, injury and lack of proper food, water and shelter. And we like sheep can and do stray.

But our shepherd is the Good Shepherd, and he has a variety of methods to sebrung us back. The first way the Lord works to bring his wandering sheep home is what I first mentioned, a growing sense of emptiness.

When this is not enough, he will begin to tug at Speed dating ottawa hearts in a variety of ways, through sermons, other believers, the Word if we are even reading it and through vind circumstances.

The Lord will also begin to convict us. If we become willfully disobedient and resist his call, then he may bring out the switch. This involves painful circumstances.

I have found four primary things that, when we try to respond and return to the Lord, can hold us back. The first has to do with guilt. When Modesto sexy women begin to clearly see the things that have caused us to drift, especially if we have given fant to the desires of the flesh and have been sinning, the weight of that realization can seem too heavy to bear and keeping our distance feels like a punishment we deserve.

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And we do deserve it. In fact we deserve so much worse punishment that if we experienced it would truly be unbearable — it would be hell, literally, because that is what our sin deserves.

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Erotic girls wilmington nc.

Horny Women Personals Ads We may even feel the desire to punish ourselves or be punished because we deserve it and in an odd way we think by being punished we will feel better.

This is hogwash! No amount of self imposed punishment or punishment imposed by others, no matter how severe or how Why cant i find a friend in sebring we may feel we deserve it, will ever have the power to atone for our sins. Only the precious shed blood of Jesus can ever atone for our sin! I know there are many religious orders that lead people Why cant i find a friend in sebring think if they crawl on broken glass, beat themselves with whips or even have themselves crucified that this will atone for their sins — and that is nothing more than a damnable lie from the devil!

What we need to do is come into the light as He is in the light. This comes through confession to the Lord.

Why cant i find a friend in sebring Ready Dick

There is no vagary, omission or him-hawing around when it comes to real confession. Fihd confession is blunt, bold and painfully honest with both ourselves and the Lord. There is no hiding. There is no justifying, excusing or blaming.

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There is no minimizing or downplaying. The Bible in 1 John 1: The next thing that can cause us to shrink back from returning to the Lord is condemnation. This is where standing on the word of God and good counsel from other Christians can help.

There are many scriptures that can assure us when we feel condemned and other Christians can assure us as well. The third Why cant i find a friend in sebring that can cause us to stay away from the Lord is the fleshly sinful desires we may have engaged in while drifting.

We may have renounced them. We may have repented of them. We may avoid specific activities, locations, substances or people that lure us into sin. Unfortunately our struggle with sin and temptation is a lifelong one but if we try to handle it on our own we are just asking for trouble.

Running or staying away from him because we struggle or have fallen into the snare of sin is the wrong approach. Seeking his help and strength is where we get the help we need. The fourth thing that can keep us from returning to the Lord has to do with hurts as they relate to our expectations.

For example Why cant i find a friend in sebring you have cxnt a tragic loss or setback like the death of a loved one, divorce, loss of your job, health issues or anything that can devastate us in life, its quite easy to blame and be angry with God for allowing us to experience such tragedies.

We know that He is all powerful and Hot wives looking sex tonight Spartanburg do anything so why, we reason, did he allow this horrible thing to happen to us?

It can sebbring our trust in him, as well as make us furiously angry at Him leading to us avoiding him at all costs. Yes God is omnipotent. Yes he could stop tragedies and setbacks from entering our lives.

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But when we are hurting, this fact can escape our notice because we are so focused on our loss and pain. Keeping from him when we are devastated, hurt, grieved, confused and furious is the worst thing we can do to ourselves because it keeps us from the comfort and help only God can give us. The book of psalms is full of passages where David and other writers pour their hurt, confusion, frustration, grief anxiety Why cant i find a friend in sebring anger out to the Lord, but more than that these writers did receive help from the Lord and they recorded that for us as well.

The best thing you can do for yourself when facing a devastating letdown or even tragedy is to pour your heart out to the Lord as often as you need to until healing, help and answers come — and they will come. We may never fully understand why the Lord allowed a particular tragedy into our lives this side of heaven but we can and will eventually come out on the other side of it in a better state than when we went into it.

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Our character, our faith our intimacy with sebrig lord and so many other aspects of our lives will see vast improvement if we allow him to help us rather than keeping away from him.

No matter what is causing you to drift or is keeping you from returning Why cant i find a friend in sebring the Lord, the Oregon ladies xxx thing you WWhy do for yourself is to decide to return. Walking in close, intimate fellowship is where we are safest and most fulfilled. He dearly loves you!