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Whatre best friends for

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But you can't just drift about letting the current decide for you. We can meet for drinks at one of the restraunts over here for drinks if you would like. Hit me up with statspics.

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A best friend is the girl who held your hand when you fell off your bike and scraped your knee, and later on, who did the same when you got your heart broken for the first time. On both occasions, she told you that it was okay to cry.

She did so with a smile on her face. And she is always ready to forgive you, even when you let her down, or say Whatre best friends for do something inexcusable. She gives her fog anyway.

You can look back at all your bleak, painful moments, and see her lingering there, always supporting you. Because you were together, everything was better and yes, she laughs with you at your horrible attempts to be a poet.

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Nevertheless, she has, at some point, seized your credit card and stopped you from purchasing unnecessary items. Maybe she just posed the uncomfortable questions you were not willing to ask yourself.

Or maybe, she is a reader, too, and gets that you actually shed real, glistening tears when Dumbledore, Aslan, Whatre best friends for Ned Stark among others died, and that you truly are hoping to find a Mr.

Darcy or a Little Prince in this messed up world.

She taught you to laugh at yourself, too, and to not be so serious. Whatever it is, she never passes judgment.

You truly admire her intelligence, her bravery, and, Whatre best friends for importantly, the purity of her heart. Your love for each other is simply immeasurable, and no amount of words or stupid lists such as this one could ever come even remotely close of defining or describing her, because she is simply greater than life, and on top of being your best friend, she is the best person in the world, too.

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