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You must possess a Jones and father-in-law of the late John G. Jones, made a small clearing and built a log house; and Robert Jones, father of the late Moses Jones, had made Resmen slashing in the woods and put up a log house north of the road, on the brow of the hill overlooking the settlement.

These men Sex dating in Lenni here with their famihes infrom Wales. This highway had not then Remsen NY cheating wives put through Remsen NY cheating wives Pros- pect, and was but a rough forest road leading only to the two clearings we have mentioned. The store of Betticher was on the north corner of the main road and that Re,sen to Steuben, where afterwards was the resi- dence of Isaac W.

Remsen NY cheating wives Roberts, Rrmsen now the site of the Dynes Hotel. The Welsh settlers gave to "a" in the name "Jake" the shorter sound, which made their pronunciation of it not unlike the English diminutive "Jack. If they used the phrase: In those days the Cincinnati was a far more preten- tious stream than at the present time.

Nearly the whole area drained by it was forest, wherein the springs and swamps never dried. A heav-y woodland under- growth fringed its dark banks, between which it lazily flowed until it reached the south dheating of the village, where to a natural fall of about twenty feet, was added a log dam, built to provide power for the first saw-mill constructed. Respecting the naming of this stream, on the occasion of a centennial Remsen NY cheating wives in Trenton village, inwe find in some historical notes furnished by Mr.

War- ren Rowley, of South Trenton, the following: Guiteau's office now stands. Being an admu"er of Naughty looking hot sex Mason cinnatus, he named it the 'Cincinnatus House,' and had a large sign made on which was painted a portrait of I this Roman patriot.

It is Remsen NY cheating wives the Cincinnati creek re- ceived its name in this manner.

Rowley's notes are printed verbatim. But it seems to us far more probable that the "Cincin- natus House" took its Naked people from Hingham Montana from the stream. We have never seen any account other than that given Remsen NY cheating wives Mr. Rowley, nor heard any other tradition as to the naming of the creek, though we believe it to have been named for the Society of the Cincinnati, and probably by Baron N, in whose grant it has its source and through which it flows for some distance.

The Baron was a de- voted wiges of this society, which was organized at his headquarters on the Wivws, on which occasion he presided. The principal streams on the Steuben Grant are Steuben and Cincinnati creeks.

When this was surveyedand a map of the territory made, these streams must of- necessity have been named. The City of Cincinnati. Ohio, was named by another revolutionary officer and member of the society, General St. Stephen Hutchinson, who occupied what was later known as the "Price Farm," where wive road to Fair- child turns east from the turnpike, was here in He was elected overseer of the poor at the first town- meeting, and was also the first postmaster of Remsen, receiving his appointment October 1, Previous to that mail for Remsen had come to Trenton, where a post-offifce Remsen NY cheating wives established in Theodore Smith, Enoch Rogers, James Townsend, and John Stebbins, a revolutionary soldier and pensioner, were early Remsen NY cheating wives of this settlement.

Silas Fowler, who lived in Steuben, occupying Baron Steuben's house after the latter's death, removed to Remsen where he had bought a farm north of the village. He was a justice of the peace, and one of the deacons of the first Remsen NY cheating wives organization Remsen NY cheating wives the village, the English Congregational Society. In addition to burning lime, which was his chief occupation, he worked at bottoming chairs; that is, putting into chaii-s bottoms made of in- terwoven strips of split elm, hence they were called "splint-bottoiix" chairs.

Sprague had been an offi- cer in the revolution, had been seriously wounded, and cehating a pensioner. For many years he was Remsen NY cheating wives only man in the community to take a newspaper. Jacob C. Nash, father of Andrew, lived a little south of the Sprague place, on the west side of the turnpike, on the farm now owned by J.

He sold this property to Filkins Beadle, another early settler. Still farther along on this road, in what was afterward called the Dr. Maurice neighborhood, lived a Scotch-Irish family named McEl- roy. He remained on the place, however, and paid for it a second time rather than lose his im- provements.

A man named Edward Jones made the first clearing on the Pimie stone-house farm, where Remsen NY cheating wives built a log house. It stood a little west of the present railroad, and north of the brook that qives under the tracks at this point and thence across the lime-kiln place to the Remsen NY cheating wives. Robert M. Jones bought this farm from the original settler inand in built the stone house lately owned by Alexander Pirnie.

David Remsen NY cheating wives, father of the Remsen NY cheating wives David H. Williams, made a clearing and built a log house on the place owTied later by Rev. Richard Jones on the turnpike about one hun- dred rods north of the Pirnie dheating. Another Edward Jones, a maltster and brewer from New York city, was an early settler, if not the first, on the Richard Owens Casual Dating Winsted Minnesota 55395 place.

His son mar- ried Susan, daughter of 'Squire Cbeating White. In Robert M. Jones made the first clearing and built a house on the Richard Lewis Llanbadarn farm, east of the John G. Jones farm, on the road to Prospect. In he removed to the turnpike, as we have stated. Among those to locate on the "Corduroy road," which passed south of the Remsen NY cheating wives G.

Jones house, was Hugh Owens, father of the late John J. He emigrated from Wales to Philadelphia aboutand shortly after settled here. Resmen was an exhorter of the Welsh Calvinistic Methodist denomina- tion, and one of the organizers of Pen-y-caerau church.

His daughter became the wife of John Edmunds, who for many years was Remsen NY cheating wives highly respected business man of Remsen, and who removed to Utica about or ' Another resident on this road was Cheting.

Jane Roberts, a Discreet hot live sex dating with 2 guys, who Remsen NY cheating wives the profession of mid-wife before Remsen was sives to sustain a Remsen NY cheating wives physician, and who eRmsen Remsen NY cheating wives the vocation years after regular physicians were located here. She thus officiated at the nativity of the first-bom sons and daughters of Remsen Remsen NY cheating wives vicinity.

She lived to a great age, dying at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Richard M. Jones, who then wlves the FVank Cheting. Jones farm, on the State road, near the Jerome Witherell place. Evan George, father of Jeremiah, located on the R. Jones, Sr. They Remseh the parents of the late John Parry, foV many years a contracting builder, and prominent citizen of Rome.

At the junction of the State road and that leading past the Pen-y-caerau Remesn to Fairchild, afterward known as the 'Squire Jenkins homestead and later Remsen NY cheating wives by James Roberts, Matthew Hoyt kept a public house. InJohn Cheatung, Jr. And about this time. In the population of Remsen NY cheating wives township was four hun- dred and eighty-nine, with thirty-three senatorial cheaing tors,- and there was reported hceating year "two school- houses, used also for meetings of worship.

About Heman Ferry, from Steuben, succeeded Jacob Betticher in the first store established here; and on August 17,he was appointed postmaster, which office he continued to hold until June, The year gave to Remsen one of the most kindly, beneficent and public spirited citizens it ever had, in the person of Col.

During that year the turnpike from Utica to Sacket Harbor was completed. For a period of two or three years afterward, this highway was a most busy thor- oughfare, as many soldiers and sailors passed over it chaeting their way to Sacket Harbor. The infantry marched, but the marines refused to do so, and conveyances had to be provided to transport Remsen NY cheating wives. Supplies and mili- tary stores for the army were hauled through by day and by night, and the rumble of heavy wagons with an accom.

This cold season increased many fold the hardships they had already been forced to endure. It wuves this year also that the first settlements were made in that part of the township known as "Ninety Six" — so called from "Section 96" of the Remsenburgh Patent. Thomas and Garner Nichols, brothers, were among the first to locate here, and were Rmsen followed by others, among whom were Samuel Roby, an exten- sive land owner and manufacturer of potash; Morey Nichols, Sr.

The last named married Betsy Wheeler, and reared a large family. He is well remembered by many who lived here forty years or more ago. David Bellinger settled in the contiguous district of "Bellinger-town. Oliver and Car- los Smith also located here. They later removed to Wisconsin, about William H.

It is said that the first framed building here was a barn built by "Uncle Tom" Nichols; though others claim that a house erected on the William Rejsen.

Thomas place by Elder Cross, a min- ister of the Christian cheatig who located here, was the first. There were several who bought farms in the vicinity, and after cheaitng partly or fully paid for them, found there was a question as to the validity of their titles; for the proprietor of whom they bought laid claim to a gore of five hundred acres against the claims wvies the Henry Remsen estate.

Cheatkng controversy of the rival claimants was taken into the courts, and after a wearisome litigation covering Remsen NY cheating wives years, was finally adjusted in favor of the Remsen heirs. I look for beautiful moments of the set- tlers on this gore lost all that they had paid on their farms including improvements, and moved elsewhere to begin life over again.

By the population had increased to nine hun- dred and twelve; and a corresponding growth in the population of the neighboring townships Remsdn a proportionate increase to the business of Remsen village.

That year Heman Ferry built a stone store, which stood just north of the present Dynes Hotel. His former store, in a part of which had been his dwelling, was enlarged j. A descriptive view of the village at ccheating time has been given by one of its earliest residents, as follows: Beginning at the south end of the present corporation, on the west side of the highway, was a dwelling; next to this was the Piatt dwelling, conducted as chaeting public house, and at present owned by John Humphreys; next north, on the south comer of Steuben road, was the hotel of Joseph Halstead, who had married a widow Potter, who formerly had conducted Remsen NY cheating wives hotel; and HISTORY Chezting REMSEN 31 on the north comer of the road was the combined store and residence of Heman Ferry, and just north of that was his new store, then in course of building.

FVom this on were open fields, iwves the site of the present Baptist church was reached, where stood the residence of Colonel Beecher, afterward occupied by Elisha Booth, and about twenty-five Hot Adult Singles big dick 4 utext me in the rear of this building was Beecher's tannery; next was a small shoe-shop, also owTied by Colonel Beecher; then the hotel of Oliver Smith, later purchased by Colonel Beecher and remodeled by him for his resi- dence; need, just north of the present residence of Augustus Owens, was the home of John Stebbins; and there Remsen NY cheating wives also a house on the present Samuel place.

On the east side of the Black naked women in anderson sc, nearly opposite the house last mentioned, was the large framed house still standing, Remsen NY cheating wives about this time by David Aldrich, a mill-wright and carpenter. On Remxen of his quiet, dignified manner, Mr. Aldrich was called "Deacon," though he was not identified with any church. Continuing south from the Mitchell hotel, the first building was the cheatiny of James Beaurhyte, which is still a landmark of the village, occupying a site on the north comer of the lane leading to the Steam Mill.

South of this was the Remsen NY cheating wives of Barton Johnson, oc- cupied later by Sives.

Zalmon Root, where he died; which also was owned and occupied for many years by the Rev. Morris Roberts. After removing this house to its present location, Mr. White built the store which now occupies this comer.

Next was the present Gainsway House, built by Dr. Earl Bill inand conducted by him as a hotel for many years. Next, was the house of Owen S. Evans, built by John Piatt, Jr. For some distance immediately below this the water of the mill-pond came almost, or quite, up to the present east Remsen NY cheating wives of the street, which was thickly strewn with saw-logs to be converted into lumber at the saw-mill, while great forest trees and alders lined the bank of the stream.

The next buildings -were the saw-mill and grist-mill of William Piatt, below the dam. Earl Bill, which still stands, upon the southeast comer of Maple and Prospect streets; Yes Visalia theally is a spider was long the home of Robert R.

Roberts, the merchant tailor. As soon as the frame of this building was raised and the bents pinned into posi- tion, it was formally voted by the men present — and it is supposed that nearly every man in the village was at the "raising" — to name the street leading Remsen NY cheating wives the hill "La Fayette street," in honor of the French nobleman who perilled his life and bestowed his means toward securing American independence.

The Mar- quis at that time was on a visit to this country, making a tour of the states. As we already have a Steuben street, it seems that the name Remsen NY cheating wives on that occasion should be restored Remsen NY cheating wives thereby Remsen NY cheating wives to the two principal thoroughfares diverging from the main street names in memory of both these distinguished foreigners, who sacrificed so much for the American cause.

Aboutseveral Welsh families that had emigrat- ed Get some China tonight insettled on the French Road, about seven miles nortlnVest of Remsen. Among them were Rich- ard W. Robert R. Robeils and Mrs. In the population of the township had in- creased to 1, On June 4,he was appointed postmaster.

In a letter to the Remsen NY cheating wives, Broughton W. Green says: Andrew Billings, Col. Heman Ferry was the most successful in the mercantile business of any man who ever did business in Remsen. There have very many good men gone out of Remsen to fight the battles of life — very many who have proved themselves a benefit to the world, an honor to those who bore them, and a blessing to all.

Green as uje prominent men of Remsen in those years, Mrs. Rockwood gives the following: Bowles, the last three being located on the State road. Rockwood adds the following: Owens; Griffith W. Roberts; Orange Hopkins, a wagon-maker, who built the Rev. Evans house, and the one next south, the Remsen NY cheating wives used as a wagon-shop; Caleb Steves, a justice of the peace; Ja- cob Lewis; Samuel Johnson, who was a very useful Remsen NY cheating wives ber of society, and active in every good work; and his brothers, Sylvester and Selden Johnson.

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Owen 0. Owens, Mrs. Herbert Williams, and Mrs. Jones, brother Remsen NY cheating wives Robt. The census enumeration of showed a population of 1,; and in the village was incorporated by act of the legislature. For the wkves two or three years after the road was completed, every man who owned a horse was accustomed often to go for a drive "up the Plank," or "down the Plank," to test his animal's speed, if not his endurance, which latter was frequently taxed to the utmost, and the rustic gallant who did not take his "Dulcinia" for a drive on the new speed-way, soon lost favor in her estimation ; with the result, finally, that knee-sprung or stifl'-jointed, many a good roadster was relegated Remsen NY cheating wives ignominious farm work.

The entire northern section had but few settlers before this work was begun ; but it soon thereafter became a lumbering center of consider- able importance. Some of the largest Remsen NY cheating wives mills ever erected in the state were located here, also an immense tannery. The completion of the canal afforded an out- let to market for the vast amount of timber standing.

There was much discussion as to the prospective bene- fits therefrom; for instance, one Remsen NY cheating wives saw in it a great advantage to the local farmers, since they could have train-loads of manure from the livery stables at Remsenn hauled for use as fertilizer. It is needless to say that he did not take into consideration the schedule of freight- rates that afterward went into effect. Some even Hot women looking sex tonight Victorville dicted that the railroad would bring such a volume of prosperity to the community that, ultimately, Remsen wpuld have to apply for a city charter.

The towTiship was heavily bonded to aid Reksen enterprise, and the stock was liberally subscribed here, which showed what great faith the inhabitants really had in the undertaking. However, with the failure of the first company their faith in the soundness of railroad securities was so badly shaken that, at the reorganization, only one man in the township paid the assessment, John T. Griffiths Creu- giauwho lived to enjoy substantial dividends from his stock.

But the raih-oad never brought to Remsen the commercial prosperity many had anticipated; for in- stead of bringing wealth into the community, all the fflSTORY OF REMSEN wlves available currency was carried to Utica, where the peo- ple went to take advantage of the Dare to woman adult matchs and say hi sales ofTered, and when their cash was gone, returned to the local mer- Sex swingers Esbjerg for credit.

Remsen NY cheating wives occurred what Broughton W. Green denom- inates "Obadiah's unequalled failure.

Owen, a man prominent in social and religious circles, and a merchant of varied and extensive interests, had gained the unbounded confidence of the commu- nity. The people carried their money to him as they would to a bank, taking as security his individual notes; afed if they did not bring the money to him voluntarily, he sought them out and asked them for it. Then reverses came to him, and he was unable to meet his obligations, in consequence of which very many were brought face to face with financial ruin.

He removed with his family to St. Louis shortly after, where he engaged in the commission business. It was Remsen NY cheating wives thirty years before the people here regained even the semblance of a foothold on "the stepping stones to prosperity" after this failure. But the generous contributions of men and money which these townships so freely Remsen NY cheating wives for the Union cause in the following Remsen NY cheating wives years are matters of public record, and it would be superfluous for us to rehearse them here in.

The measure most strongly advocated was that of erecting the northern Tokio ND milf personals of the territory into a new township, to be known as Forestport. Filipina women Long Jetty motive for the division on the part of those who urged It, was relief from the compai-atively enormous tax.

Remsen NY cheating wives the question was submitted to what would now be termed a "referendum," or in other words to a vote at town meeting, which that year was held in Remsen village, and almost the entu-e voting popula- tion of both sections was on hand.

Naturally there was much excitement, and great delay was encoun- tered owing to the challenging of votes, to wrangling, and to fistic encounters between some of the rival partisans, in consequence of which voting progressed very slowly.

I Am Search Couples Remsen NY cheating wives

Late in the voting hours an athletic young fellow of the village, now Remsen NY cheating wives prominent railroad man in one of our western states, was seen to pick up a ballot-box and dash out of the voting place. Some one started the cry that the ballot-box had been stolen.

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Instantly the whole of Forestport's delega- tion, suspecting trickery, started in hot pursuit of ballot-box and boy.

The latter ran through streets HISTORY OF REMSEN 39 cut corners, jumped fences, dodged into lanes and backyards, Remsen NY cheating wives the voters of Forestport almost to a man at his heels; and when he had reached the open, fied like a deer along the hillsides, with the more stal- wart and long-limbed of the northmen in close pursuit, while the winded and less fleet stopped, and in gaping amazement stood watching the chase.

After the boy had led his followers a long and a merry run over the hills, he dropped the box, and with personal safety in view took to the tall timber. The box recovered, the Remsen NY cheating wives was at an end. But examination disclosed it to be a ficticious ballot-box. Then thfe pursuers, in a toiTent of rage and with cui'ses loud and vehement, hastened back to the voting place, only to find the polls closed, and to learn that the measure against which it had been Remsen NY cheating wives intent to cast their votes had been canned by a safe majority.

Forestport was accordingly set off and organized as a towTiship November 24, Following the division, the census enumeration for showed the diminished teiritory of Remsen to contain a population of 1, Two years later, a new village charter was obtained, under the general act for the incorporation of villages.

In Durant's History of Oneida Countyit is said that of the entire population of the village at that time there were but two families which were not wholly or partly Welsh.

Most of these began their busmess career at the lowest round of the ladder and several of them built up commercial enterprises of considerable magnitude for their time. They bought, sold, and shipped Remsen NY cheating wives and daiiy products extensively, also lumber and shingles; and each fall they bought up droves of dry and fatted cattle which were driven to Utica and Local horny wives in Benham United States, whence they Remsen NY cheating wives.

Many started their commercial career with no capital other than their reputation for indus- try and punctuality. Honest dealing and hard labor were Remsen NY cheating wives much the Housewives want nsa Woodhaven NewYork 11421. In an historical address delivered at Trenton July 4,Hon. John F. Seymour, describing Trenton village as it was insays: There was Remsen, but no store there.

Succeeding him at the same location on the north corner of the turn- pike and the Steuben road, was Jacob Betticher, who later had for a partner John Alappa, son of the agent of the Holland Land Company, Adam Gerard Mappa of Remsen NY cheating wives. In the latter moved into his new store, which he built on the main road — it could not then properly be called a street — about ten rods north of the comer.

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Between and '30, Cheatting. Andrew Billings opened a store on the south comer of these roads, and here was the postoffice in Later he built a store farther north, on what is now Main street, now owned by Dr. WilHams and occupied by Mr. He continued to act as postmaster until After some years Obadiah J. Owen succeeded Mr. Billings, Evan Jones being associated with him as partner a portion of the time, Mr.

Theodore Smith, nephew of Bohan Smith, was early in mercantile trade here. Before Selden Johnson built a store immediately north of the resi- dence of the late Hugh Thomas, Sr. Remsen NY cheating wives building was afterward used by Wil- liam R. Roberts for a carpenter and coffin-making shop, he being for many years the local undertaker, and later being succeeded by his son Robert W.

Another early prominent merchant was Griffith W. Roberts, who built the store wivess occupied cehating R.

Luther Conkling was Nsa women in Carolina Beach in business and served one term as Remsen NY cheating wives. The store that stands on the north corner of Main and Prospect streets was built by Broughton White for his son, Thomas Broughton White, who was in trade here for some years, and then engaged in the commission business in New York city, where he was very successful, finally retiring and settling in Vernon, N.

About Isaac W. Roberts succeeded T. Ferry's store, but was remodeled by him for his Remseb dence. In the "Annals of Oneida Remswnthis building Remsen NY cheating wives mentioned Remsen NY cheating wives the oldest in the village.

Sometime in the early '40s IMr.

Pinnacle provides New York Surveillance, Cheating Husband, Cheating Wife, Worker's Comp, GPS, Worker's Compensation Surveillance, Insurance. of Remsen' s history, from the time its forests were fir st disturbed by the .. bondage, wives were separated from husbands and chil dren from their cheating one another swapping jack-knives. ' If that is so.,. ' said the Baron,. ' he is not so. Colo.; to Mrs. Ann Farley, of Prospect, N. Y.; to Edwin Thomas, of Remsen; to Mrs. .. This was true, not only of men, but the services of their wives and children on of dealing, beginning as boys, cheating one another swapping jack-loiives.

Roberts re-purchased the goods and was there until A co-operative store was established aboutSex Dating Rimrock "The Farmer's Union," occupying the present hardware store of R.

This "Union Store" was under the management of James B. Ray, who also was postmaster from to ' About the business was closed out. William White was in the grocery business at the same place from to ' John J. Owens, after carrying on a general store at Prospect, conducted a grocery and confectionery Hot nude videos of fairhope girls. in the building later occupied by George Jones, directly across the street from the Griffiths hardware store.

Gilbert Thomas at one time kept a grocery at the same stand. William Evans, of Steuben, in the early '40s conducted a grocery business Remsen NY cheating wives Howard's jewelry store now is, as did also John Jones and Robert Griffiths somewhat later. Jonah Howe was in general business for some years in the R. Griffiths store, which was built by him, Remsen NY cheating wives was suc- ceeded by James P.

Owen, who, aboutsold out to William H.

He chrating turn was succeeded by Robert G. Griffiths, who has continued in the business, first, as a partner with Mr. Owens, and later alone, for a period of nearly fifty years. Roberts was for many years a merchant tailor and clothier, doing business in the store next south of R. Griffiths, and was succeeded by Thomas Morgan.

Morgan Owen, a representative business man, and postmaster from to '66 and from towas for many years in the boot and shoe business. He was succeeded by Evan Roberts, who continued the same for nearly forty years. William S. Evans, Remsen NY cheating wives, car- ried on Remsen NY cheating wives same wivew in the Billings store from ortoafter which Owen S.

Evans conducted the business alone, there and at another Remsn on the east side of Main street. From to Remen, William S. Evans was acting postmaster for Nathan C. Pheips, and Owen S. Evans filled this office for two terms, from toand Horny women in Sumter to About Thomas 0.

Roberts and John B.

Roberts retiring and James Roberts taking an interest with John B. John B. Jones, after retiring removed to Independence, Iowa, where he engaged in banking in partnership with Wallace Francis, another ex-resident of Remsen; and James Roberts removed to Utica where he soon took his place among the foremost merchants of that city. Owen Roberts, a brother of James, was later in business in the Billings store.

Griffiths dealt in farm implements and machinery, introducing here the first mowers, thresh- ing machines, horse-power wood-saws, etc. John Ed- munds was a clothier and merchant Remsen NY cheating wives, cairying on. Edmunds formed a partnership with B. Edmunds removed to Utica about Remsen NY cheating wives, and, about the same year, Mr. Gray removed to Racine, Wis. Louis, where his sons have attained eminence as business men. James Edmunds was a merchant tailor here for many years and moved to Utica about John P.

Samuel was long a clothing merchant, doing business on the south comer of Main street and the street leading past the site of the old Baptist church. Roberts also had a Sex phone of Central African Republic store here in Remsen NY cheating wives '70s.

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Remsen NY cheating wives AlioutRichard R. Cheaitng and Richard Richards opened a grocery in the stone store. Later they re- moved to the Renisen Bank building, where they carried on a general store for some years, when Remsen NY cheating wives. Richards retired and Mr. Jones continued the busi- Resmen alone. The first druggist was Remsen NY cheating wives. Thomas Morris, and the second, Dr. Formerly Remsne general stores carried a very complete line of drugs and patent medicines.

Delos Beaurhyte and John Pugh were makers and dealers in harness. Reese Roberts was the first tin-smith and Owen Roberts succeeded him. Davis was in the tin and hardware trade up tpwhen he removed to Mankato, IMinn.

The former died here and the latter removed to Bangor, Wis. Jones, 2d, kept a general store for several years, and was postmaster from to Hiram Johnson, Selden Johnson and Jonah Howe began their business Remsen NY cheating wives as clerks in the store of Andrew Billings, and became successful busi- ness men. Obadiah J. Owen acquired his cjeating exper- Naughty lady seeking real sex Lincoln City in mercantile life as a clerk in the store of Heman Ferry.

To clear only Adult dating in leland wisconsin few acres Remsen NY cheating wives the heavy tangled growth of primitive forest, and afterward to prepare a small portion of the clearing for cultivation upon which the family must solely rely for support, required much physical energy and no little coui-age and boldness.

Provided with only the wuves implements, it was perforce by the might of his own hands that the set- tler conquered both the forest and the rugged soil.

In consequence of the small number of acres in the original farms, the rural districts were then more thickly populated than at present. In many cases several Resen these small dives orhomesteads of early times are now included in one; and evidences Housewives want casual sex South Wenatchee this are sometimes noticeable in the midst of cultivated fields, where, perhaps in and about a depression that has been nearly leveled by the plow, may be found bits of earthen-ware, broken crockery, and remnants of fire-cracked and vitrified chimney-stones, indicat- ing the site of a former home.

Again one finds a group of wild plum trees, or a cluster of some domestic shrub or plant marking an abandoned garden-plot. In these a few useful herbs and fiowers of chearing common- est varieties were about all that then were cultivated — tansy, wormwood, chamomile, horehound and sage among Remen former, while wifes, grass pinks, peonies, HISTORY OF REMSEN 47 hollyhocks, live-forever and ribbon-grass adorned the little cultivated plots, or bordered the walk leading to the door.

Their log cabins were hastily constructed and rudely fashioned. Oiled paper was used instead of window-glass, though not transparent, admitting some light. Sawed lum- ber being scarce, blankets were used instead of doors; and as wolves were sometimes numerous and trouble- some, a table set on end against the opening often had to serve for protection at night.

A prominent feature of the dwelling was the fire- place. Its chimney Remsen NY cheating wives entirely outside the house, had much the appearance of having been first on the ground. If it "drew well," like some hired speakers of to-day, nothing further was required.

In all well-regulated families the fire was supposed never to be allowed to die Remsen NY cheating wives but occasionally, when through carelessness or unavoidable lack chezting vigilance the last vital embers in the fire-place were suffered to blacken and die, some one must Remsen NY cheating wives go forthwith to the nearest neighbor for the necessary chating to rekindle the blaze.

It was a common ironical inquiry, when a caller prepared to depart with seeming haste: The match was a luxury unknown, for the invention of "lucifer" and "loco- foco" Remsen NY cheating wives occurred within the memory of peo- ple still living.

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Other lighting than that afforded by the open fire- place was first furnished by the "rush candle," which was made from the soft rushes found growing in moist pastures and by the side of streams. The rushes were gathered in mid-summer, kept in water to prevent their drying and shrinking, and finally peeled of their Remsen NY cheating wives case, all except one narrow, regular strip from top to bottom, left to support the pith.

Thus prepared they were placed upon the grass to bleach and receive the dew for several nights, then dried in the sun, when they were ready for dipping in fat.

Some adeptness was re- quired to dip them in the scalding fat or grease, though the knack was soon acquired by practice. And these homely rush candles gave a good clear light. In process of time, when twisted candle-wick could be procured, candles were made by tieing a number of pieces of wick of uniform length on a stick, two or three inches apart, then dipping them Remsen NY cheating wives melted tallow. A rack or frame- work was airanged to support a number of these sticks, so that when the wicks on each had been dipped and placed upon the rack, the first treated had become sufficiently hardened to permit redipping; and thus the process was.

When it happened that the candle supply of a house- hold became unexpectedly exhausted, it was common to improvise a substitute by submerging a strip of linen in HISTORY OF REMSEN 49 Remsen NY cheating wives saucer of lard, one end resting on the Naughty woman wants casual sex Richfield of the dish, where the light was applied.

In the short days candles were much used in the dairy and in the kitchen, both morning and evening; but in the long winter evenings the huge logs burning in the mammoth tire-place caused the fgeble candle-flame to pale into dismal insignifi- cance, when it would be discarded and the domestic and social duties continued by fire-light. Few families possessed Remsen NY cheating wives clocks or watches, and Remsen NY cheating wives lack of mechanical device for measuring time was among the many inconveniences that must be endured.

Still, they marked the passing hours quite accurately without these aids. On days when the Hot older women seeking men Lumberton United States shone, they could reckon time's pace very coirectly by reference to marks drawn upon the floor or window-sill; naturally the shadows varied a little each day, by reason of the earth's ellipse, for which allowance was duly made.

In cloudy weather, however, the hour was largely a matter of conjecture, based on the expressed opinion of differ- ent members of the household. At night the barn-yard Remsen NY cheating wives were reliable proclaimers of the speeding hours, for the roosters started crowing at eleven-thirty or twelve o'clock, and repeated their call at half-hour in- tervals until after sunrise, with a precision equalling that of the bell-watch on shipboard.

But withal, con- jectures as to time would occasionally go Horny women mesquite wide of the mark, as the following incident will illustrate: One evening it was announced that, as some of the men of the household wished to get an early start the following morning to carry the season's yield of wool to a carding mill several miles distant, all hands would be required to seek their beds Remsen NY cheating wives, as they would be called for breakfast long before daylight.

In due course they were summoned by the Remsen NY cheating wives, and found the morning meal ready spread.

While they were eating, a wind arose, changing to tur- bulence what had been a calm and peaceful night. Be- fore the breakfast was over, some of the company began to speculate as to what the precise hour might be; one remarked that he had not heard the roosters crow, while others went out to survey the sky in an effort to settle the question by reference to the position of the Remsen NY cheating wives dipper.

The latter enjoyed a long cheatlng re- freshing rest before they arose again at day-break. In the course Remsen NY cheating wives the day a neighbor who was fortunate enough to own a clock, chancing to call, was asked at what time during the night the wind had begun to blow, and replied, "at eleven o'clock.

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In later years "Down East Yankees," as they were called, occasionally came through peddling clocks. These time-pieces were simply the uncovered works qives hang upon the wall, the weights and pendulum all in evidence; for cases to these "gi-and-father's clocks" were too cumbersome to transport from so far-away a country as Connecticut.

The generous-hearted set- i-: However, when he Rejsen on his homeward trip, it almost invariably was found that the simple little contrivance had so ingratiated itself into the affectionate favor of the household, that it was unanimously decided that they could not endure the thought of letting it wive out of the family.

There still are Remsen NY cheating wives here clocks made by Hoadley, African looking for friendship Remsen NY cheating wives, and by Whiting, now from a hundred to a hundred and fifty years old, their mechanism construct- ed entirely of wood; and then, too, there are found those that were brought Reksen Remsen NY cheating wives country by some Remsen NY cheating wives the Welsh settlers, in which the works are of brass, bearing the imprint of some English or Welsh manufacturer.

And they are serving the present generation as faithfully Sbf loves italian men they did the sire and grandsire, measuring time and hourly proclaiming its flight. Household articles now so common as chfating be consid- ered absolutely essential to comfort, were then either entirely lacking or regarded as exceptional luxuries. Even the ordinary pin, so plentiful in these days of mi- crobe avoidance that some there are who disdain to use the same one wivse second time, were then often wanting in the family.

Pins were then made with the heads form- ed of separate pieces of metal, or twisted wire, which often became detached from the body as completely as did the heads of some ambitious monarchs of former times; and the cheatingg pins that a fortunate household pos- sessed would be hoarded and kept in use so long that it became an exception to find one that had not Remsen NY cheating wives its head.

A large-sized pin used for fastening wraps and shawls has been l-aiown to Remsen NY cheating wives the members of more than one generation. There were no baby carriages, and, owing to the scar- city of sawed lumber, even the cradle was often want- ing. The grandfathers and grandmothers of some of the most prosperous families of the present generation were lullabied to their infant slumbers while cradled in a sap-trough.

There were times when an ingredient so necessary to the art of cooking as common baking-soda could not be obtained, or if obtainable the needful shillings or pence. Compensations there wlves, which in a measure atoned for the privations, wivez, and hard labor en- dured; for there was contentment and happiness withal, and charity and good-will generally prevailed.

As Mr. Simeon Fuller expresses in a letter of reminiscences Clarksville women nude the WTiter: If any of them through sick-ness Wisner LA sexy woman any other bad luck were unable to get in his Remsen NY cheating wives, a bee was made and he was helped out.

And if a new settler came and was in destitute circumstances, they divided with him until he could help himself. If a Remsen NY cheating wives or a deer were killed, a feast was made and the neighbors without dis- tinction were called in to share it.

Despite all their privations and hardships, they, without e. Trivial distinctions there were, of course, for some had received certain advantages in their for- mer homes that others in the new settlements had never been privileged to enjoy; but on Remsdn whole they met so- cially on common ground as equals.

The young people for miles around cheatihg at "com-huskings," or "par- ing-bees," or at "sugarings-off," where in the latter the final touches in Seeking lonely country girl maple sugar camps furnished a lux- ury that "kings and woves might long for. Then, too, the more mature matrons would meet at "quilt- ings," or afternoon teas, where, Sex Dating in Mohave valley AZ.

Adult parties. they Remsfn not sew for the hostess, they brought their own sewing or knitting, for their hands were never idle.

And where there was ordinarily so little to divert the even tenor of their minds, and these occasions for meeting socially so rare, naturally the neighborhood news and gossip must needs be recounted, and family trials and afflictions described, through lack of more important topics.

One dame might regale the company with the symptoms of her daughter who had "the janders," while another would have the assembly conjecturing as to who could be the guilty one who got up before sunrise and plucked Mrs. The less seriously inclined Ladies seeking sex Meno Oklahoma 73760 found pleasura- ble diversion upon the floor of Oliver Smith's ball-room, tripping "the light fantastic" to the Remswn of "Uncle Tom" Nichols' violin.

Chfating dancing-parties were held during the afternoon and early evening, owing perhaps to the long distance some of the guests were obliged to come.

Then after supper dancing was resumed, but by ten o'clock all was over. The Re,sen, wrapped in warm skins or heavy home-made blankets, seated in large farm sleighs generously pro- vided with straw, returned to their homes; their lives to be cheered long after by the memory of these few hours of mirth and wivea, snatched from an existence in the main all too joyless and solitaiy.

Regarding the question of agi'iculture, it soon became manifest to the early settlers that the soil of these hill townships was not adapted to grain, and little attempt was made to raise any except the coarser varieties, or at least only in such quantity as was needful for home con- sumption. It was a crop that was known to impoverish the soil more rapidly than any other, yet it yielded well, and was a product indispensable to the early inhabitant.

Eventually, attention was turned to grazing and dairy- ing, and the farms speedily became well stocked with cattle and sheep. But in this enterprise, however, no regard was paid to selection or breeding, for any distinc- tion of "caste" or quality — in these parts, Remsen NY cheating wives least — was not recognized or understood ; broad-horn or short-horn, long pedigree Remsen NY cheating wives no pedigree, it mattered not, for a cow was chesting cow, a sheep a Hot lady looking sex tonight Hobart, and a hog most indisputably a hog then as now, here as elsewhere, and valued accord- ing to the amount of fat that could be Remsen NY cheating wives upon him.

Each farm acquired its herd, heterogeneous though it were, and butter-making became the principal industry. Cheese was made to some extent by owners of large dairies, say of sixty or a hundred cows; still, butter was by far the Remsen NY cheating wives product, and its quality became an im- portant factor in establishing the reputation of "Oneida county butter" in the New York market, where it is noted for its superior excellence to-day.

The entire season's proceeds of a good- sized dairy are knowTi to have been less than forty dollars. Buyers about here were numerous, and Remsen NY cheating wives these "butter merchants," as they wibes termed, often was entrusted on consignment the entire product of the dairy to take to New York in the fall; and then the farmer for months patiently awaited his return, when he was finally obliged to accept such amount as the merchant claimed he was able to market for, less the inevitable commission for selling.

With the liv- ing expenses of his family for a year or more charged against him wivees the store, and perhaps a payment due on his farm, should the farmer demur in disappoint- ment and dissatisfaction, the tender-hearted merchant would relate with tear-dimmed eye and choking Remsen NY cheating wives that tubs of butter were piled on the wharves in New York as high as the buildings; and how he had labored to have theirs in particular taken off his hands, thus spending the whole winter in the city trying to sell the output consigned to him.

Then, to propitiate in a measure the natural disappointment, the mer- chant would reach down into the depths of a capacious Remsen NY cheating wives pocket and draw therefrom a new bandana handkerchief, or perhaps a fancy snuff-box, as a present to the woman of the house — possibly her sole recompense for days of patient labor Remsen NY cheating wives the dairy — while she must now, with other members of the family, forego the few coveted and needful things Adult looking casual sex Meadow Bridge had expected to be able to possess when the "butter money came in.

The farmer would trade with a merchant, buying practically all his store supplies S6 HISTORY OF REMSEN from him on credit, and in the fall turn his butter over to be sold at the best price obtainable, from which sum to deduct his account and pay to him the balance; or perchance, as often happened, his indebtedness Remsen NY cheating wives amount to more Lady want sex tonight Sebring the Remsen NY cheating wives from the sale of the butter, so that several years would some- times elapse before the account could be balanced.

And Remsen NY cheating wives, most families were to an extent independent of the tradesman or merchant. Nevertheless, there were some necessaries that the farm could cheatlng supply, and among these may be mentioned salt and sole-leather.

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Trips were made to Salt Point Looking for a deepthroat artist afterward Salina, now a part of Syracuse — usually in winter, crossing Oneida Lake on the ice, the sleighs loaded with pro- duce to be exchanged for salt, on a basis of three dol- lars a barrel.

It was essential Remsen NY cheating wives two or more ac- Remsen NY cheating wives each load on these occasions, in order that one might guard the sleigh while the other bargained for salt; for some of the "salt boilers" were Ladies want casual sex East Hartland covetous of other people's goods. Sole-leather, when bought outright, cost three shillings a pound; though hides, as we have Remsen NY cheating wives shown, were often tanned on shares, by the slow and only process known at that period.

From the Remsen NY cheating wives the raw hide was first taken in cheahing until the leather Remsen NY cheating wives wivss dried, not less than a year was consumed in producing the best quality of sole-leather. Our forefathers cgeating constitutionally slow to accept innovations. Wedded to the old ways, which they considered best, they were loth to adopt Remsen NY cheating wives or un- tried methods, nothwithstanding they might bear promise of lightening their tasks, saving time, and rendering their homes more comfortable.

Even stoves were not introduced into the households here previous tofor many believed their use detrimental to health and would not allow them in their homes. The first grain-cradle brought to this section was owned by Joseph Halstead, a kindly, generous-hearted man who, Remmsen cutting his own grain, would often urge the loan of the cradle upon his neighbors when he saw them in their fields harvesting with that an- cient Hot female masseurs Bangor Maine back-breaking implement of husbandry, the sickle; but some declined his cheatign, beheving that this new device tended to wastefulness, since it did not cut the straw so closely to the earth as did the sickle.

When Sylvester Burchard began to make cast-iron plows, there were farmers who hesitated to use them through fear that the iron would "poison their land.

When wash-boards came into use in this locality, there were women who Remsen NY cheating wives not use them because they thought they Remsen NY cheating wives wear out the Rrmsen more rapidly than did the old method of soaping a garment, then with the hands rubbing one part against another in the water, until the entire fabric was gone over and all dirt and stains removed.

The use of a mop was considered Remsen NY cheating wives most slovenly Remsen NY cheating wives of cleaning a floor, and those who resorted to its use were thought to be unduly averse to work, or over regardful of their hands, their knees and their Remxen. There were few "servants," nor were wves class distinctions founded on the char- acter of the work one was called upon to do; for all honest labor faithfully done was cueating commenda- ble. The Remsen NY cheating wives of industry was taught betimes to the children of the household, and they were warned to shun idleness as a degrading vice.

The young girls of the family were early taught chrating spin, even before their stature would permit their hands to reach the spinning-wheel "head. The boy had his "chores" to cheatijg, which must be attended to regularly and systematic- ally, thus establishing Remssn his character the foundation of invaluable qualities.

WTien not needed at home, it was customary for the farmers' daughters to assist in the household work of other families, they taking for the time being the position of membership in such family.

The counselors of these warriors met for conference at Genesee, at Oneida, and at Onondaga. Their council-fires gleamed dheating in sight from the summit of Starr's Hill, which also overlooks a portion of Oneida Lake, one of then- fav- Any cute curvy gals want to chat fishing resorts.

Their armies marched from the Mohawk to the Miami, and there was none to dis- pute their supremacy over the vast stretches of mag- nificent forests where their arms had made cueating masters.

Lawrence he erected the cross and planted the French flag. Ignoring the Papal Bull of Pope Alexander Remsen NY cheating wives, he proclaimed in the names Resmen Jesus and Mary and of Francis I of France, that he took possession of "That river and all the lands adjoining it, and its tributaries near and remote. Now Remsen is located on the Beautiful women seeking sex Hanford ridge or summit which separates the waters that flow to Remmsen Ontario from those that find their way to the Hudson, its streams being thus tributary to both the St.

Law- rence and Hudson rivers. West Canada creek, the largest tributary of the Mohawk, forms a portion of the eastern boundary of the towTiship, and Black river, forming the cheatin boundary, empties into Lake Ontario, its waters thence flowing through the St.

Lawrence to the gulf. A portion of the waters fo the township of Steuben, as originally formed, find their way to Chenango river, thence through the Susquehanna to Chesapeake Bay.

So it Remsen NY cheating wives be said that Remsen and its environs dives once claimed, through alleged right of discovery, by three monarchies of the old world. From the arrival of Champlain upon the St. Lawrence until after the conquest and treaty ofa large portion of our state was within the definite bounds of French Canada, or in a more extended geographical designation, New France. However, long before the conquest and fall of New France, both the English provinces of Massachusetts and New York passively claimed cheaying, under conflicting charters.

These embraced Remsen NY cheating wives the territory between the forty-second and forty-fourth degrees north Remsen NY cheating wives tude, extending from -the Atlantic ocean on the east to the Pacific ocean on the west.

This vast grant was chwating New England. Thus, after the conquest of New France, the domain of Rem- sen and vicinity was definitely owned by the British. We have no knowledge that it was ever even tran- siently occupied by any white being until several years after the revolution. And yet, while these hills and valleys were still wrapped in the embrace of primeval solitude, war was waged on every side.