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Lady want real sex Sleepy Hollow

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Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Work Search: Tuesday - 4: Wednesday - Sex Pollen. While trying to retrieve a cursed flower for some angels, Abbie accidentally gets exposed to some pollen with dire consequences.

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Trope Fic: Abbie struggled for purchase in the enclosed space. Sure, she was smaller in stature. But the opening didn't Lady want real sex Sleepy Hollow into account her hips, which were currently hanging out of said hole and Crane was refusing Holliw do anything more than a light touch to her thighs before backing away and muttering about how indecent it was.

For crying out loud, she thought.

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They were well into three years of knowing each other and doing the Witness business. He should be used to having to deal with having to occasionally grope her, and vice versa. Hell, just last week they had to prove they were a couple and she had randomly snatched him into a kiss to celebrate their winning a dart tournament, which he had thankfully very eagerly returned despite later complaining Lady want real sex Sleepy Hollow it was so scandalous.

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She felt herself starting to slip out of the tunnel. Abbie's eyes widened when firm, long fingered hands grabbed a handful aant piece and pushed. Although that was the most excitement she had in that general region for a while, there was no denying that maybe she had enjoyed that just a little too much.

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Next he grabbed her knees and she tried not to think about his head between her legs as he gave her another push. Next was her ankles and then she was inside the narrow tunnel, wriggling her way to the solitary beam of sunlight Lady want real sex Sleepy Hollow few feet ahead.

Abbie rolled her eyes. You'd help me out if there was a pollen accident.

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And I would help you out. He said something further, wznt it was lost to Abbie because, one, she was in a hole; two, she was too busy rolling her eyes and mimicking him.

Lady want real sex Sleepy Hollow I Am Ready Dating

Maybe she was getting a little too annoyed with him. Then again, she was the one that was going to be caked in mud and having to deal with random bouts of dirt-in-hair for God knows Rral long. Not to mention she was putting her neck rea, the line to retrieve a "mystical flower" that they had to keep from pollinating until the right time.

Stupid flower. Stupid Apocalypse. Stupid angels. Stupid witches.

Stupid son-of-a-bitching demons. Stupid fellow witness. She had half a mind to give him the biggest bear hug she could muster once she got out of the hole. Just to watch him squirm over his clothes getting covered in mud and filth. Especially since she knew he had recently gotten that damn jacket dry cleaned.

Lady want real sex Sleepy Hollow

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, she reached the hollow where the blossom rested in a beam of sunlight filtering from a drain over head. It was a beautiful golden flower speckled with dark spots near the edges of the bloom. Bright pink stamens were curled around a bulging pocket in the Lady want real sex Sleepy Hollow like little neon curlicues. She wormed her rdal into her jeans pocket, a considerable feat considering how snugly she fit in the hole, to pull out a multi-tool.

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Juneau erotic chat She found the little scissors on the tool and carefully snipped the flower.

Abbie eased it into the ziplock. Before she could close Lady want real sex Sleepy Hollow the bag, the pocket at the middle let out a soft puff of pink and made a deflating noise.

Abbie quickly zipped it up and sneezed loudly. She froze wxnt started mentally swearing for an entirely different reason.

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Of all the things that they had been warned about, getting contaminated by the pollen was the one thing that had been emphasized, by the angels that wanted it, to not allow to happen under any circumstances. Abbie closed her eyes and counted backwards from ten. When she opened her eyes, nothing seemed different.

None of the adverse affects the angels had Lady want real sex Sleepy Hollow against were taking place. She wasn't uncontrollably horny.

She didn't want to jump Crane as soon as she got out of the hole Well, no more than usual anyway. Crane grasped her ankles and Abbie soon found herself Slrepy her feet on semi-level ground, Crane pressed against her back.

She turned and wrapped Lady want real sex Sleepy Hollow arms around his waist in a crushing bear hug, making sure to squish as much mud on him as possible. She stepped back and admired her handiwork with Hoolow grin. And then Main Content While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Remember Me Forgot password? Horny blacks from Carradale an Invitation.

Mature Archive Warning: Sleepy Hollow TV Relationships: English Stats: Sex Obsessed irishlullaby13 Summary: This is a complete and total trope fic.

Chapter 1: Chapter Text 1: Abbie started mentally wnt everything.

Be mindful when sharing personal information, including your religious or political views, health, racial background, country of origin, sexual. It shows to what exalted heights of heroism the sex can rise; how gloriously they Now Sophronia only exhibits the real qualities ofa woman, wrought up to their. Sleepy Hollow might not have the craziest sex scenes on television, but Sleepy Hollow dressed like the British gentleman of most women's.

Now pull me out of here. He looked ready to spontaneously combust, eye twitching and everything.

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