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I need a new dad

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As a wildly experienced father of three who is a master of parenting, I felt it was time for me to impart some of my wisdom to all s new daddies out there.

Upon the birth of a first child I need a new dad, we all feel a little unprepared read: I have not actually figured that much out. The baby adds in stink molecules at around six months. Just get used to the fact now that your carefully arranged, good-smelling, fresh-carpeted home is a thing of the past.

Within the next two years, the carpet will be permanently stained, every empty space will be filled with plastic baby toys, every Sweet housewives seeking hot sex Princeville I need a new dad will be mysteriously disabled, and any breakable item not placed higher than three feet off the ground will be broken.

Yeah, sure, I know. But guess what? To the outside world, neither are you anymore. A baby-changing table I need a new dad like your workbench; always have the proper tools at hand.

Expect the unexpected. Simply peel that one off and grab another one for the baby to spit up on. However, when spit-up upgrades to vomit, everything changes. Vomit must be avoided at all costs.

If, God forbid, you find yourself alone with a kid who has vomited and you must deal with it, I recommend a bandana or buff over your face, safety nefd, rubber gloves, need a bath towel that can be incinerated immediately after. This can have long-lasting consequences.

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Look to the side. When your baby becomes old enough that WWII movies are no longer appropriate to watch in his or her presence, be sure to have some Bugs Bunny available, either on DVD or downloaded.

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The kid should be exposed to the finer things. Being the unscrupulous, shallow cads that all men are, this metamorphosis is always a good thing, almost miraculous.

Until, that is, the new father becomes temporarily insane and puts a move on the sore and ultra-sensitive mother of his recently arrived progeny. This can result in a smackdown that would make Rick Flair proud and also sad.

Retribution can be swift and severe, often resulting in a season-long suspension. For the love of God, man, direct your attention elsewhere!

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Were they ever? Modern baby books will instruct you to place your screaming child in the crib at bedtime and walk away. This supposedly helps the child to develop neev sleep schedule and understand that the crib is for snoozing.

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Then, turn the lights off and start rocking. Within 10 minutes, your son or daughter will be snoozing on your chest and you will enjoy the very best part of your day.

Place the baby in the crib and sneak out. Pro tip: I need a new dad sure I need a new dad noise-making toys are off the floor of the nursery before bedtime. Otherwise, the room becomes a minefield of items ready to start mooing or clucking or barking at the slightest movement, which will undo all your hard bedtime work. When you have your first baby, you will be inundated with advice, not only from your family and friends, but also from books, Hollywood, and strangers on the street — including me.

Some of this advice will be worth keeping and some, complete hogwash.

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I need a new dad it all with a grain of salt. Even though being a good dad is not always easy, if we use good, solid common sense, we should I need a new dad able to figure things out. Having your first child can be exhausting for a dad. Yes, it obviously is for a mom, too, but this article is about dads. But one night, a wonderful thing will happen: Ours came the night I forgot to switch on the baby monitor. Being a well-rested human will turn you into SuperDad, and you and your mini-me will start having some serious fun.

Longtime humor, fitness, and parenting blogger Mark E. Johnson has written his way through every crazy Mature women Port Safaga of fatherhood, from navigating new babies to dealing with sullen teenagers.

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Top 10 New Dad Fears

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